Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Idea - Dock Scene

Comic 3

SCENE: Dockside, warehouse district , with lighting from the various lamp posts, fog effect possible also. Human figure done in poser. Water will be implied with sound, as will birds, boats and bouys.

Shot 1
Wideangle shot of the 3 docks and 3 warehouses and boardwalk, all dimly lit, all the models rough and simply skined

Shot 2
Camera follows nathan. Nathaniel anxiously looks around him in the dark as he hurries forward towards his destination
Nathaniel thinking: Ten thousand dollars for a black market cure, you really have done it this time Sarah…

Camera still following nathan, Nathaniel stops and looks at a piece of paper in his hand
Nathaniel: Dock 12, warehouse 3A here’s dock 12…

Cut to a shot of nathan and the door. Nathan is seen opening a door
Nathaniel: Here it is, finally… 3A

Shot 4
Closeup on Nathaniel’s face, which is twisted in fear and awe
Nathaniel: Oh my God…

Project Brief/ Movie Script

Note - The girl will be live action on greenscreen if possible to save on modeling time, if not, she will simply be done in poser from premade models.

SCENE: dilapidated church in a bad part of town at night.

Opening Shot: A lady walks up the sidewalk to a dilapidated church, with a cemetery in the back, a sad angel statue and a crypt the central features of the plane. The camera is in a wide angle shot from behind the girl

Second Shot:
She walks through the church and the pews towards the confessional, and opens the door

Third Shot:
She closes the door and sits down,

Fourth Shot
the confessional window opens up

Fifth Shot
Camera is placed so the entire confessional can be seen, it becomes tighter slowly until the end of the dialough, where the cameral finally rests on her face and the small window with the priest’s profile
Priest: It is late my childe. Do you have a confession that you want to make
Sarah : forgive me father for I have sinned
Priest: what have you done my child?
Sarah : I... I .. fear I have lead a man.. to his death… and an eternity of damnation
Priest: Why do you believe that you have done such a thing my childe?
Sarah: I’ll explain…

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mission Statement

It is my solemn task to learn to make 3 dimensional comics/animation using Maya and various other video and animation programs.

For my Domino project I propose a mathematical animation based on the mandelbrot or julia set fractal algorhythm

If this can not be acieved, perhaps a smiley face pattern, or perhaps an opening which is started by a smallpulse of force, which knocks a series of 6 all running in different directions.

For my final, I wish to create at least one full comic which I have written into 3d animation.